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BCT uses the most up to date and accurate software to build precise 3D machine control and rover site models. 

Machine control models can be customized to the contractor's preferences. All of our models are built with the operator in mind, making things run smoothly and realistically for the machine's capabilities. In the long run, this saves the contractor time, money, and material.



We use PDF plans and engineer CAD files to calculate asphalt, road base, pitrun, concrete and pipe quantities. When performing a pipe takeoff, we can calculate spoil quantities, bedding, and cover materials. Our earthwork takeoffs include material and cut-to-fill excavation quantity reports.  We understand the urgency of construction and prioritize fast response times with our clients to fulfill projects in a timely manner. 



Drone flights can give contractors progress reports with cut and fill quantities by comparing the collected flight data against the sub grade surface of the project. BCT uses Propeller software to process drone flights. This software uses AeroPoints which provide quarter inch accuracy. Subgrade models can be built if necessary.


BCT can assist with:

  • Setting up UTS and GPS systems

  • Troubleshooting machine control systems

  • Calibration/localization

  • Setting up Trimble SPS total station

  • Creating control points for custom projects

  • Training crews to use machine control and base and rover


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